La Vela Midi


La Vela midi IV, V, VI


Stainless steel, glass cylinder (inclusive)


1,6 / 1,8 / 2,0 kg

Burner Type

Wick burner​

Tank Volume

500 ml

Burning Duration

6 hours

la-vela-midi-wallmountThe rectilinear Bio-Ethanol-candle is also available in three sizes.

The LaVela midi is an high quality stainless steel design that is practical and can be used is every location. With a diameter of 8cm it stands secure without a foot ring and is a great accessory for indoor and outdoor use.

The thermochrome flame is used as a safety signal showing the level of heat from black to red.

​In addition to that a wall mount (see pict. on the right) made of stainless steel and chrome is available for the LaVela midi (LaVela not included)


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