ebios fire architecture


Concrete or sandstone stand and black burner housing​


Steel, stainless steel concrete or sandstone and ROBAX​® glass


Around 40 kg​

Burner Type

Wick burner​

Tank Volume

2,6 litres​

Min. Room Volume

84 m3

Burning Duration

5 hours​

​The ebios-fire® Architecture SL is designed with a minimalist appeal to enhance any contemporary décor in- or outdoors. Its distinctive and original material mix of concrete/sandstone and metal creates a chic object for apartments, houses, and residential units as well as in commercial premises like hotels, offices, restaurants and bars.

The unique and patented wick burner in its metal housing is suspended elegantly inside the stand construc-tion made of concrete or crafted in sandstone. As with all ebios-fire® wick burners, two refl ective Robax-Glass panels are shielding the fi re from air draught, creating stunning multiplications of the flames.

Fuelled by bioethanol - an environmentally friendly, renewable source of energy - the Architecture SL, like any other ebios-fire® model burns clean and smoke-free.

For outdoor use, a protective cover is available on request for the Architecture SL. In severe weather condi-tions, however, this ebios-fire® model should be kept indoors


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