As the core element in our entire range of bioethanol fireplaces, the ebios-fire® wick or automatic burners offer a wealth of possibilities. Without the need for a flue or chimney installation is possible just about anywhere.

The Wick Burner

Featuring a patented wick-feeding technology which allows a safe, deflagration-free ignition this burner type has been safety tested and approved by TÜV Germany against the German Standard DIN 4734-1. The ebios-fire® Wick Burner can be considered one of the safest bioethanol burners currently on the market. It comes in flame widths of 400 / 500 / 600 and 700mm, which makes it possible to place several burners in a row in order to achieve a continuous, ribbon-like flame display. The volume of the burner tanks, which are pressure tested against leakage, varies in accordance with the burner size, together with the heat output. This burner type is an integral part of most models in our design collection.


SCHOTT ROBAX® glass panels surrounding the burner do not only reflect the mesmerising flames beautifully but also add to safety and functionality of the burner/s.

Safety features

-​pressure tested tank assembly

-​glass gauge with fuel level indicator

-​screw-cap for fuel inlet

-​pressure valve

-​sealed fuel tank and wick system prevents fuel spillage if tilted

The Automatic Burner

The automatic ebios-fire® burner featuring pumps which feed bioethanol into a trough of either 500 or 1000mm width can be operated by remote control (on/off). The same patented technology is also applied for the round ebios-fire® burner. The fuel supply is either kept in 5 liter jerry cans which are placed either underneath the fire or at a remote location. Alternatively, the burner can feature a tank which then is an integral part of the appliance.

Safety features

-​fuel level sensor in flame tray

-​humidity sensors at critical locations (leakage detectors)

-​temperature sensors (no flame, no fuel and automatic cut-off if overheating)

-​automatic cut-off after 8 hours of operation

-​acoustic error signal


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