Fireplaces from ebios-fire® are exclusively fuelled with bioethanol – or simply "ethanol" – which is green, non-fossil fuel made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of organic matter – mainly sugarcane, potatoes and crops like grain or even hay.

Bioethanol creates only a small amount of CO2 and water vapour when burning, which means that – if used in ebios-fire® burners – it has a clean combustion without any smoke, smell and soot emission and with no need for a chimney or flue.​


As an alcohol-based liquid, bioethanol changes its form from liquid to gas at around 17°C. The developing vapours are heavier than air and remain therefore on top of the surface of the liquid bioethanol. Therefore, it is only the bioethanol gas, which is burning when lit and not the liquid itself.

As a renewable energy source, today bioethanol has many uses: blended with petrol, it makes transport fuel more sustainable. It is used in production processes of the cosmetics-, medical- and food industries. And – last but not least – when used in ebios-fire® appliances, it creates a beautiful, lively flame which burns without odour or leaving a residue.

Clean Emission

As bioethanol is entirely composed of biological matter, its combustion results in a clean emission of only water vapour and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide or CO2 is absorbed by plants, which process it via photosynthesis to help the plant grow. This infinite cycle of creation and combustion of energy – in a way "recycling of energy" – renders bioethanol a carbon-neutral fuel.. ​

Efficient Green Energy

All ebios-fire® appliances are technically engineered in such a manner that their combustion temperature secures not only a minimum fuel consumption but also a clean combustion of bioethanol. This means in turn that a chimney or flue are not needed and thus that 100% of the heat generated are kept indoors

Storage and Handling

Bioethanol is a Class 1B Flammable Liquid (for flammability) and rated Class 3 PGII (for transport) and is therefore regulated by various standards around the world.

Please familiarise yourself and comply with these regulations in order safely to store, handle, decant and use bioethanol for your ebios-fire® appliance.

Bioethanol for ebios-fire® appliances

All ebios-fire® burners should be operated only with bioethanol of at least 96% but max. 97.5% purity. We recommend ebios-fire® bioethanol of 96.5%.

Fuel Consumption

Unlike wood or gas burning fireplaces, the flame behaviour seen in bioethanol fireplaces is very much influenced by airflow around the burner and draft conditions, which prevail in the individual setting. Both can have an undesired effect on the combustion temperature and the fuel consumption.

Supporting our customers with our expertise and technical knowhow enables them to create not only a stunning focal point but also a perfectly functional and safe to operate bioethanol fireplace.

For more information about fuel consumption for a specific ebios-fire® model, please refer to details on this product.


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