Ebios One 1000

Ebios One 1000


This luxury burner heats and vaporises liquid bioethanol. The resulting flame burns evenly, is completely odourless and can be adjusted in height as desired: The available options are 5, 9 or 12 cm.

The flame pattern measures a full metre in length – and can be expanded to form an imposing line of fire through combination of several burners connected in series and controlled together via an app or remote control.

The EBIOS ONE 1000 is the flagship among our bioethanol appliances. It goes without saying that it can be integrated seamley into existing Smart Home systems and represents the state of the art of fashionable living.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions W/H/D1120 / 312 / 175 mm
  • MaterialsSteel, Stainless steel, Heat-resistant glass ceramic
  • Weightapprox. 28.0 kg
  • Burner typeEthanol vaporising burner, 3-level flame height
  • Fire line1000 mm
  • Filling capacity6 litres
  • Minimum room volume132 m3
  • Minimum room area53 m2
  • Burning durationup to 6 hours


Top Plate
  • Nero
  • Stainless steel brushed