The Berlin-based beach chair and fireplace provider SK Strandkörbe & Kamine has been established on the market for over 26 years. As the extensive range of garden beach chairs is purely a summer business, ethanol fireplaces have proven to be the ideal product for supplementing business year-round since 2006.

In an extensive fireplace exhibition, interested visitors can experience various ebios-fire® models for themselves: Chelsea, Elipse-Wall, Elipse Z, Elipse Base Mini, Fuora R, Aviator and all La Vela models.

Thank you for taking the time for this short interview. We would like to learn more about you and your company. What made you decide to add ebios-fire® ethanol fireplaces to your product range?

We love selling ebios-fire® fireplaces, because their burner system is incredibly safe and all fireplace models have a gorgeous, elegant design. The workmanship and all the materials used are also of a very high quality. Last but not least, we were impressed by the extensive selection, as ebios-fire® offers a lot of elegant, unique designs.

We advise architects, among other people, and try to find the right fireplace model for each and every interested customer. ebios-fire® offers tailor-made products and, just in general, a product range which leaves other fireplace manufacturers unable to compete.

SK Strandkörbe & Kamine
Elipse Chrom

Paint us a picture of an exhibition for bioethanol fireplaces

In the reception area, our customers are welcomed by the sight of three “La Vela Grande” columns. We try to include all styles in our fireplace exhibition: Rustic fireplaces like in a mountain cabin, framed fireplaces reminiscent of the era of Louis IV, modern column designs, wall-mounted or stand-alone, the good old stove or unique models like the ebios-fire® Aviator.

Our customers are big fans of the modern, exclusive design of ebios-fire® fireplaces and the wide yet calming flame pattern of wick burners.

Thank you for taking the time for our interview. We wish you ongoing success in selling our ebios-fire® fireplaces!


SK Strandkörbe & Kamine
Owner Stephan Kosser
Falkenseer Chaussee 21
13583 Berlin, Germany