KüchenTreff Junker is a second-generation family business founded in Erftstadt in 1979 by Hermann Junker, initially with the name of “Trend Küchen”.

The company has now existed for 40 years and has grown steadily in this time. Its exhibition presents over 40 different kitchens in a space of over 1,000 m2.

Kitchen with ebios fire® fireplace

Thank you for sitting down for this interview with us! We look forward to learning more about you and your experiences with our ebios-fire® fireplaces. Which ebios-fire® model did you end up choosing?

For our exhibition spaces, we chose the fireplaces Cabinet Fire and Quadra Inside I Sl.

What made you choose these fireplaces in particular?

Both of them are a wonderful addition to our kitchens, as ebios-fire® fireplaces exude warmth and cosiness. We want to grab our customers by their emotions, so we needed to find an effective way to emphasise the ambiance of our kitchens. In addition to the beautiful flame pattern, it was the simplicity with which these fireplaces can be handled and installed that gave us the final push.

What is your customers’ reaction when they see bioethanol fireplaces as a fixed component of your kitchens?

It’s very positive! We often hear: “Oh, what is that? Very interesting, very beautiful. Where could I install something like that in my kitchen?”, or else: “I’ve seen something like this before but I didn’t know where to get it!” – Well, from us, of course!

What has been your everyday experience working with ebios-fire® fireplaces?

It has all been going perfectly! There hasn’t been any damage to the kitchens. The fireplaces bring an entirely new mood to our kitchen studio and to the kitchens themselves. Everything is suddenly much more homelike and comfortable, but also feels more personal and our customers immediately feel right at home.

What was it like to install the ebios-fire® fireplaces?

The installation itself was very simple, although the Cabinet Fire is quite heavy, so it’s best to have 2 people working on it. Operating the fireplaces, on the other hand, is incredibly easy. Just fill in bioethanol and turn them on!

Thank you for this interesting interview, Mr. Junker, and we hope you continue to enjoy your ebios-fire® fireplaces!

Kitchen with ebios fire® fireplace


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