The Designetagen designer furniture exhibition in Potsdam offers customers unique designer furniture on the historical premises of the former royal lock and carriage smithery.

This designer furniture exhibition makes the individualist’s heart beat faster and makes you want to linger. In addition to the designer furniture exhibited here, Designetagen also offers unique, tailor-made furniture, dividers and accessories of a special kind. DESIGNETAGEN yearns to be discovered and holds a beautiful ambiance for anyone who decides to visit, with everything a connoisseur may want.

Thank you for sitting down for this interview with us! We look forward to learning more about you and your experiences with our ebios-fire® fireplaces. Which ebios-fire® model did you end up choosing?

We actually have several ebios-fire® appliances. My personal favourite is the ELIPSE Z. From the very start, this “Z” reminded me of the movie “ZORRO” starring Alain Delon, who used to be my favourite actor.

What is your favourite feature of the ELIPSE Z?

Its beautiful, calming, narrow flame.

ebios fire® Elipse Z

ebios fire® Elipse Z

The ebios-fire® model Elipse Z with its artistically curved base and its timeless and elegant steel-chrome design is a perfect example of fashionable living.

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How did you find out about us?

We discovered your fireplaces at a trade fair. Their simple, straight-lined shape and comfortable warmth immediately appealed to me. We value ambiance very highly and ebios-fire® fireplaces help us invoke emotion in our historical showrooms. I’m still completely thrilled and convinced of bioethanol fireplaces. They’re clean. There’s no soot and no smell – it’s the ideal solution for rented flats or houses without chimneys.

How often do you use your fireplace?

As often as we can. Of course we don’t use it while it’s hot and the sun is shining, but in the evening hours we do.

Do you have future plans involving ebios fire®?

I want to expand into the outdoor segment. So far I’m only presenting LA VELA GRANDE for this purpose. And I have already sold the CABINET FIRE as well – to a kitchen owned by the company Störmer.

Thank you for this interview and we hope you continue to enjoy our ebios-fire® fireplaces!


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14467 Potsdam, Germany
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